The Ice Breaker Post

This BLOG is the result of me facing my fears, and living openly, honestly, and authentically.

I have my anxiety and depression under control.

I have regained my health.

I have recovered from addictive behaviors.

Everyone finds their path through life by different means.

If everyone was helped and found peace in the same way….everyone would read the same books, go to the same therapist, follow the same religion, read the same blogs, like the same shows, listen to the same music, and be moved by the same spiritual leaders and motivational speakers.

But We Aren’t.

Do not read this BLOG for any definitive answers.

Read this BLOG if:

  1. You are curious enough to question everything
  2. You are courageous enough to start exploring the answers
  3. You are spirited enough to not take anything I say at face value
  4. And you are audacious enough to question what I or anyone else claims as truth. Find your own truth, for yourself, in your own way.

This BLOG is me, asking questions, and finding my own answers.

It is my hope that we can do this together.

It will never be perfect but it will always be me.

I hope you take comfort in that. May it give you and me the courage to live openly and without fear.

NOT as products of Perfection.

But as examples of people with enormous amounts of COURAGE and AUDACITY claiming our rights to Progress.

Thank you for reading and welcome to my BLOG.



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Autonomy – The First Key Component of Motivation

Here I dive into the subject of Autonomy and what it represents.

I hope to help You and I better understand the following:

What makes Autonomy a key component of Motivation?

Why is it so important to us? What does Autonomy represent for us?

Please remember that I am approaching this subject with one goal in mind: to facilitate a way for You and I to take control of our lives and positively influence its direction.

I write this so that you and I can learn about what it takes to motivate ourselves and achieve a permanent state of effective Self-Management and Self-Reliance.

Remember, it starts with us. As we learn to master these concepts for ourselves, we are then ready to lead others to the same end.

So let’s get started…

Autonomy Defined

Autonomy – “The right or condition of self-government; freedom from external control                 or influence; independence” – Oxford Dictionary

Autonomy is a Value

The idea of Autonomy evokes an emotional response in many of us. It is a value we endeavor to protect.

Think of the occurrences past and present on an international scale that center on the fight for autonomy. It is a Value we all share and are committed to fight for and defend.

I use the example above to demonstrate the emotional connection we have to the idea of Autonomy. This emotional connection acts as a driving force and we begin to realize its power as a component in Motivation.

Autonomy is a part of our Identity  

Autonomy is just a tool to carve and preserve our identity, and the relevant question is not: “How do you want to exercise your autonomy”, but: “How do you define yourself”.       

Autonomy is a key component of our Identity.

Each of us has constructed a Mental Model of ourselves – an idea of who we are and how we fit in and relate to the world around us.

Identity is one aspect of this mental model and influences what we choose to Believe about ourselves. This mental model of identity is comprised of the following:

Self-Esteem – How much You and I like and respect ourselves

Self-Efficacy – How good You and I think we are at something

What we believe about ourselves will determine our levels of confidence and self-worth.

Perhaps, what autonomy affords us is the ability to create or re-create our own narrative. To identify our strengths and abilities.

And in order for this opportunity to not be wasted, we must find a way to build faith in our purpose and develop the courage to demonstrate this purpose in our lives.

Autonomy, Empowerment and Trust

Okay, with me so far? Good.

I want to bring the concept of Empowerment into the conversation.

Empowerment Defined:

“To increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority.”  – Wikipedia

There is shortened variation on this definition that I would like to share here:

Empowerment put simply: “to give power or authority to someone”

Now I want you to think back to the times in your life in which you were empowered. Maybe it was a parent, teacher, coach, boss, mentor…

Now, in order to empower us, they needed to extend something to us. Something that you and I must hold sacred…


Trust is: “Reliance on the integrity and abilities of a person. Trust involves faith, confidence, and hope.”

In order for people to have empowered us, they first had to trust us. The empowerment they gave us was and is a symbol of that trust.

Bringing it all Together

In-order for us to achieve a state of motivation and thus autonomy that is worth anything at all to us, it must be internal (intrinsic).

The goal is Self-Motivation

            A key component is Autonomy

                        Empowerment grants this Autonomy

                                    Trust is extended and symbolized by Empowerment

“The trust that we put in ourselves makes us feel trust in others.” – Francois de la Rochefoucauld

The Finale

Motivation is intrinsic and it is our responsibility.

This means that our Autonomy, as a component of Motivation, is also our responsibility.

Following that pattern of thought, we come to the realization that Empowerment and Trust become our responsibility.

Key Point: Self-Motivation requires that we grant ourselves Autonomy. To do this, we must Empower ourselves. And to do this, we must Trust ourselves.

And now we have some key questions to ask ourselves:

Are we ready to take Responsibility for our Autonomy?

Do we Believe in ourselves enough to grant us Empowerment?

Are we ready to Trust ourselves?

We need to take a good look at the Mental Models we hold of ourselves. We need to make sure that we Believe in ourselves and have confidence in our abilities. We need to begin to Trust ourselves, who we are, and what we stand for.

Do we Trust ourselves? Do we Believe in ourselves?

And if not…

How do we begin to trust ourselves?

How do we change the mental narrative to one of Confidence, Self-esteem and Self-efficacy?

How do we change what we Believe about ourselves and grant us the Autonomy we deserve?

Next Steps:

Each component of Motivation contributes to the other components. We have some important questions to answer.

Allow for these articles about motivation to come full circle. Remember, the most powerful ideas and concepts in this life transcend every corner of it.

You and I will get there. Trust me.

Let’s see if the next two components of Motivation might be able to help us.

Thanks for Reading

Sincerely, TheDreamHustler

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How to Make Motivation Work For You – Introduction

I am in the process of studying about Behavior Change. Our Behaviors or Actions – are the very mechanisms that will get us from where we are now to where we want to be. And if there is one key ingredient most important to successful behavior change it would be Motivation.

The subject of motivation has become commonplace. And the term itself is somewhat overused. So much so in my opinion, the subject itself has proven to be a bit of a challenge to write about with my usual passion.

So the question is…how do you take a subject that everyone feels they know inside and out, and well, re-awaken it’s urgency, importance and power within the minds of others?

At its heart, motivation is an internal and intrinsic matter. And so, when all is said and done, our motivation is ultimately our responsibility.

“At the end of the day, all of us have to dig deep to unveil our own, unique, intrinsic motivation.” – Anne Bruce, “Manager’s Guide to Motivating Employees” 2nd edition

But motivation is not easy for many of us to sustain. Why is that? And more importantly, how do we solve this dilemma and make Motivation work for us?

Okay so I did a google search for a definition of Motivation. Nothing fancy but it’s something to start with. So what exactly is motivation?

“Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is what causes you to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge.”

I have no doubt that you read the definition above and thought, “yeah, I kinda knew that already”. So What?

So……clearly knowing a definition isn’t enough. You and I? We’re smart. We can figure out what motivation is. But we still struggle to capitalize on it as a tool and make it a lasting mechanism for change.

It’s time to change that tune. And it’s time to win at building lasting Motivation so that we can course correct our Behaviors and Achieve our dreams and goals.

There are 3 ingredients for building Lasting Motivation. They are:

  • Mastery
  • Autonomy
  • Purpose

Each ingredient has a BLOG post all it’s own. You can find them here:

Thanks for Reading. Sincerely, TheDreamHustler

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5 Reason You and I Must Find Our Voice

I have a wish and a prayer for you. May you…

Stop thinking that only certain people need to speak. Stop thinking that only certain people should be heard. Stop thinking that you have nothing valuable to say. Stop thinking that no one needs to hear what you have to say.

1. Original Thought or the Lack of – I used to think that if a person spoke in front of others about motivation or the matter of spirit, it must be because they had an original idea. But I now know that this really isn’t true.

In fact, if you want to find an original idea, you will probably have to look into the fields of tech, or the sciences. This is where break throughs are occurring with inventions or new treatments for health.

2. To Remind each other – I think that we forget to have Hope or Faith. I think we get caught up in life’s distractions and we forget what life is really about. We forget ourselves, who we are, and why we are here.

We forget that we are powerful and born with a purpose. We forget that is our right…no….not strong enough…..It is our duty to fulfill our purpose, face those challenges set before us, so that we can witness our own growth and strength.

3. The Subconscious Nod – Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you are speaking, or when you look at an audience response to a speaker, they are nodding? I call this the Subconscious Nod. Just an opinion here, but I think we often give this physical response without realizing it.

Now this part is important, and it reiterates Points 1 and 2. This nod does not come from hearing an original idea or thought. Think about it. When we nod, it is usually a physical response that symbolizes agreement.

If we are agreeing with something said, then the thought already occurred and was already present in our own mind. So then why do we nod, sometimes, so emphatically? Why then, are we often energized by this experience?

I think it’s because it reminded us of something that we had forgotten. Maybe it reminded us of who we really are. It reminded us that Love IS more powerful than hate or fear. That we DO have a purpose. That we are powerful and capable. Or something as simple but powerful as Life is worth it and we are not alone.

4. Your spin, Your Personal Perspective and Interpretation – So what does make a thought unique or special? Or….why are their things we heard 10x before, maybe even from our parents, but on the 11th time, it sunk in the way it was meant to?

Well, I thinks it’s a matter of choice in words. Or better yet, the unique experience and interpretation of the truths being told by the story-teller – that being You and Me.

5. Give Permission – We need to give each other permission. We do this in many ways. We can do this be learning, acknowledging our imperfection, and authentically seek the answers.

Each of us needs to share our story. I think we all are at risk of death by comparison. We think that the only way a person can contribute to life is through perfection.

Well, we need to take a hard look at what being a hero really is. My heroes are those that tried, failed, and tried again. We need to give each other permission to fall. Don’t you see? When we fall, we have the privilege of getting back up again. Let those around you witness you getting back up. This is the story You need to tell.

The world is waiting.

Thanks for Reading. Sincerely, TheDreamHustler

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One More Year to Live

You and I need to remember that our time on this earth will not last forever.

We need not look to death as a reason to give up but as the reason to Lean In.

The purpose of this post is to acknowledge our time-limited existence and to drive us towards our achievement of Well-Being.

Here is an exercise entitled “One more year to live” that was created by Mia Leijssen and Monica Gundrum. I am finding it helpful in focusing on what really matters in my life. It is reinforcing my resolve to pursue my dreams and get things done. I hope it does the same for you:

Imagine you have just one more year to live. What effect does it have on you?

  • Would you continue living your life exactly as you do now?
  • What would you like to accomplish in your final year?
  • To whom do you still have something to say?
  • What do you still have to do?
  • What would you no longer do that you do currently?

As noted by the creators, Mia Leijssen and Monica Gundrum, make sure you write your answers down to each of these questions. A few final notes from the exercise quoted below as a nudge of encouragement:

“Seek encouragement or support in your efforts to follow your dreams before you die.”

Mia Leijssen & Monica Gundrum

“Don’t allow your good ideas to grow cold; keep them warm by living and being well.”

Mia Leijssen & Monica Gundrum

At some point, you and I will no longer be on this earth. We need to stop looking at this as a sad inevitable story.

Instead, it is a calling. A gift that our time here is not infinite and not to be taken for granted. It is a release. It is the permission we need to live as if each day is our last. 

We need to remember that life is precious. We have a job to do. We have things that need to get done. Life is waiting on us!

My truth and a Ramble if you have time:

I have spent the last year, unsure if I would do this BLOG. Unsure about this website. Unsure about being open about my story.

I have been free of drug use for almost 9 years. But it took standing at deaths door for me to wake and change my life. I won’t expand too much but in 2011 my Dad traveled to LA where he found me in critical care weighing 105 lbs (my healthy weight is about 195 lbs.). A few more days and I wouldn’t be here to write this. When I saw my dad walk in to that room, I thought “Oh God, what have I done”. I realized from the look on his face, that I was breaking my Dad’s heart. Call it what you will, God, Buddha, a Higher Power…a name doesn’t matter, but I felt God say to me that I was not done. That there was more living to do.

But dammit listen to me! This isn’t a story or a message about me or for me. It’s for you. It’s for you and I together. It’s for all of us!

But death, the fact that my time here is limited…it is the gift, the nudge, the urge, the drive, and the permission I need to be authentic, open, and honest every day of my life.

Compared to eternity, compared to the length of history, my time here is just a speck. The length of yours and my life is not what we bring to the story. The only thing to be done with our speck of time is to live out loud, openly, and authentically.

In this way, we increase it’s volume, and let that message lend itself to those around us.

It takes Guts! No lie. But would it help if you were to know that this is the calling for each of us?

For each of us, the message, the invitation, the calling is the same. I do not believe our existence is an accident. We have a purpose. We have a job to do. If only we had the courage…

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, TheDreamHustler

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The Courage to be Powerful

This quote is framed and hanging on a wall in my home.

But it wasn’t until recently that I was able to build context around it.

Only now am I beginning to be able to ‘unpack’ its application in my own life.

Achieving our freedom is linked to self-actualization.

But as we draw closer to this self-actualization, so our anxiety increases.

We often run form this feeling of anxiety.

When we do this, we deny ourselves the achievement of full potential.

And so, we give up our freedom.

Enough is enough. It’s time to take our freedom back.

Let’s help each other to find our courage!

Below is the rest of the quote from Marianne Williamson. Before I ask you to read any further. I want you to have read the quote below so that you trust my words and trust my intent.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson, From ‘A Return to Love’

“The emergence of individual’s freedom is closely connected with anxiety; indeed, the possibility of freedom always arouses anxiety, and how the anxiety is met will determine whether the freedom is affirmed or sacrificed by the individual.”

“By fleeing for this anxiety, people not only limit their freedom but also their chance to grow in an authentic way. By avoiding the responsibility to grow they might be temporarily relieved from anxiety, but they risk leading a meaningless life. In fact, they might have traded the anxiety of realizing one’s potential for guilt and death anxiety in the end.”

My Hope for You and For Me:

I support you as you discover who you are, why you are here, and what you are called to be and to give in your life.

May you provide the same support to me.

May we find our peace in the doing.

Enough reading, writing and reflection for the moment.

Don’t just sit there.

Get on it!

Sincerely, TheDreamHustler

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Overcoming Circumstance

“I’ve learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.”

Martha Washington

You and I can sometimes feel stuck in our circumstance.

But we can get unstuck and gain back our freedom!

“Okay!” you say. But how? Ready for it?

Take responsibility. Own it.

Taking responsibility is how we take back our freedom.

I want my freedom. I want my autonomy. Do you want the same?

Then no matter what. Own It!

Everything stated above sounds so beautiful right? Still skeptical? Alright, alright. Your prerogative. Just read my truth below:

It is May 1, 2020, and I am just finishing the final draft of this post. What is happening right now for me personally?

Well, just a few months back, in February, I was one of about 1,500 to 2,000 peeps laid off due to a huge restructuring at a very renowned retail company.

Then the lockdown for Coronavirus happened. All of this is circumstance that I could view as out of my control.

Hell No I say! I want my freedom! And so, I will take responsibility.

Moment of truth:

I didn’t get a 4- year degree and I should have. I never would have been a retail manager otherwise.

I became an addict. Now I have 9 years clean. But still…owning it.

Finally, in my last year on the job, I was ready to leave. 60+ hours weeks were doing me no good and I needed to get re-inspired. They even stole my joy of the holidays!  I had been working up the courage to start this BLOG and website and go from there.

And so?Owning the job loss. Owning the timing. As a member of the human race and as a member of our global economy – owning the damn virus and lockdown too!

Now below is an exert from an article exhibited in an online class I am taking. You got this far with my rant. Oh c’mon! You know you like it! 😉

Don’t stop now! Read below:

This exert reflects the thoughts on freedom and responsibility from Viktor Frankl (1946/2006), a holocaust survivor.

“Clearly limitations and freedom are not always each other’s counterparts. Meeting our limits can often help us to become more aware of inner freedom.”

Siebrecht Vanhouren, author of “Freedom, Choice, and Responsibility”

“Viktor Frankl argued that even in the most extremely limiting situations, man has still the freedom how to cope with this situation. As a holocaust survivor, he (Frankl) personally experienced how he became aware of the fact that he still had the freedom how to cope with the cruelty of the concentration camp. Frankl decided that he wanted to live a meaningful life despite the dreadful circumstances. Not every prisoner experienced this kind of freedom. Those who only experienced the limitative tragedy and didn’t experience the freedom to give meaning to their existence died very soon.

Siebrecht Vanhouren, author of “Freedom, Choice, and Responsibility”

So What’s Next for me?


What’s next for you?

We start the climb.

Yeah baby!

“It’s all about the Climb”

A quick reminder and note of encouragement:

You are a Bad Ass! You may not know it yet. You may not believe it yet. But you are! And so am I!

We got this! I promise!

Thanks for reading.

Sincerely, TheDreamHustler

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Who Are You – Identity Maps

Finding the answer to the question “Who are you” can be like walking through a maze full of distorted mirrors and mirages.

Making an Identity Map of ourselves can be a first step in giving us a point of reference. After all, there is no way to get to a destination, if you can’t find the starting point on the map.

Consider an Identity Map to be the starting point.

First, a word of encouragement:

You are a Bad Ass.

You may not know it yet. You may not believe it yet.

You just need to get to know yourself. I mean REALLY get to know the amazing Bad Ass person you really are.

Getting to know ourselves can be a real challenge. And there is no way to cheat the process.

Like anything in life…what you put into this process is what you will get out of it.

But you and I? We got this. We are courageous and worthy of the effort.

There is a lot I want to get done in my lifetime.

I have goals, dreams, and a purpose.

Still working on the defining of that purpose, but dammit I know I have one! 🙂

We all have a purpose to fulfill. None of us are here for nothing.

But in order for you or I to get to where we are headed. We need to know where it is we are meant to be going.

So who the heck am I anyways?

And who the heck are you?

Creating an Identity Map

can provide us with a start

on the mapping of the journey.

Identity Maps Highlight:

  • How you view yourself in relation to people such as family, neighbors, friends, and community
  • How you view yourself in relation to activities such as work, hobbies, and how else you may spend your time
  • How you view yourself in relation to personality, interests, and whatever is most important to you

Don’t Overthink It: Here’s Mine

  • Clarity of Who I am
  • Reminder of What is Important to Me
  • Remind me of my Purpose
  • Strengthen my Resolve
  • Clarify a Vision

Your turn…:)

  • How do you view yourself?
  • How do you describe yourself?
  • What is important to you?
  • What makes you who you are?

We can learn about ourselves by comparing our identities, perspectives, and experiences with others.

For example, look at the difference between your own Identity Map and the one I created.

What differences do you see?

You can learn a lot through comparison and contrast.

And by observing others, you can learn and identify more about yourself.

Important: Your Identity Map is not something that is fixed and eternal.

Obviously, you cannot change your ethnicity or nationality.

But other characteristics such as personality, physical fitness, and hobbies change as we grow and develop throughout our lives.

Your identity map reflects a state of mind and self-perception in the current moment.

Nothing is fixed and we are not meant to be stationary or remain unchanged.

We are called to question, learn, grown and develop into all that we were meant to be.



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Strengthen Your Motivation With Purpose – 3 important Questions

There are 3 important components to building lasting motivation.

The final step is to find and define the purpose for what you do.

Here, I will touch on what I have learned about Purpose and it’s 3 steps from my study of Behavior Change. But first, a few quotes to give weight to my argument, and just maybe a story or ramble to express the passion. 😉

While there are BLOG posts written for the first two components, I started with step 3- Purpose – because it is what I believe to be the most important piece of motivation.

“The human brain cannot sustain purposeless living…Its systems are designed for purposeful action.”          


“As human beings, we are not machines that are caused to do things. We are human agencies that do things for reasons: to achieve the purposes, goals, and meanings that we set for ourselves.”                                


Okay…Quotes and Pics in Place. Now you know it’s true and no more excuses. Here are the 3 steps you’ve been waiting for. See? I didn’t even Ramble!…yet.

Number 1 – Ask Yourself Why What You Do Matters

Number 2 – Ask Who You Can Help

Number 3 – Ask What You Can Help Others Do

Now can I ramble a bit? Perfect…

Getting Personal

Starting this website and BLOG has been scary at times! It has taken guts to look at all the things I have felt I was missing and to take a next step. I never, ever in my wildest imagination, thought I would have the courage and the audacity to tell my story, BLOG, and help people in such a public way.

The fear has NOT, I repeat NOT subsided. There is still so much to learn and to do. Social Media, SEO, finding and using my own unique voice, and keeping up with a time-line of scheduled articles.

Purpose, I repeat, P-U-R-P-O-S-E is how this is still happening.

The images below show the boards that I created to remind me of the ‘why’ and the deeper meaning for my Goals. When I become frozen and afraid of failure, these images move me forward.

While not categorized as Questions 1, 2, 3…these boards remind me of who I am doing my work for, what matters to me most, and how my openness and courage will hopefully help others.

Your Turn!!!

No doubt you and I have lofty goals. We are after all, experienced and chronic Dreamers. But dreaming isn’t what gets us to the Finish Line.

So you’ve done the work. You have taken the vision of your ideal future, and you have broken it down into actionable chunks.

You have your next steps and you are certain they will lead you to the Finish Line.

But watcha gonna do when the going gets tough?

How will you ensure that you keep your promise to yourself?

The answer is?…Find Your Purpose!!! Did I say that already? 😉

“Give life to your dreams, strength to your visions, and light to your path”

“Grant your journey the assurance of a safe arrival”

Shad Helmstetter, PhD

Sincerely, TheDreamHustler

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The Power of Thought

Many of us can imagine the following scenario from personal experience –

You have something that needs to get done. Maybe it’s a school project, an application for a job you really want, or any first necessary action that will lead to your goals and dreams. But when it comes to starting this first step, you are frozen with self-doubt and the infamous “what-ifs” set in.

Why don’t we minimize their power and let the negative thoughts and self-doubt pass?

Why do we hang on to them and let them stop us from achieving our full potential?

How can we stop this so that we can live the life each of us deserves to live?

The Power of thoughts 

Recent research has shown that our thoughts can change the physical structure of our brain, a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity.

Whatever “thoughts” we have programmed, or allowed others to program into our brains, are affecting, directing, or controlling everything about us.

So, what is a “Thought”?

Thoughts are key electrical impulses that direct us, control us, and wire neural networks into our brains.

While many of these thoughts are automatic and often reactionary, we have the ability to control which thoughts we attach significance to.

Our brain is a machine…a thinking machine.

We have over 50,000 thoughts per day.

Our brain is unbiased in its production of thoughts. It has no agenda. It creates thoughts from every end of the spectrum.

Our brain presents thoughts to us and waits for us to choose which ones to make true and which ones to throw away.

“Sometimes our mind is like the equivalent of a funhouse mirror, distorting and contorting and blurring our lives and our potential” -Gary John Bisho

A thought does not have any meaning or value until we choose to give it meaning and value in our lives.

What is the Solution? How do we conquer the thoughts in our head?

It is difficult to speak about the power of thought without addressing the power of Belief.

It is in our Beliefs that our true power and authority exist.

We Learn to Believe.

This simple fact opens up the doors for us.

“Belief does not require something to be true. It only requires us to believe that it’s true – most of what reality is, to each of us, is based on what we have come to believe – whether it’s true or not.” – Shad Helmstetter, PHD

If we can identify the negative thoughts about ourselves that we learned to be true…we can then unlearn them and change our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

By changing our beliefs about ourselves and our world we can change our circumstance.

Confirming and Actualizing our beliefs –  Making our Beliefs True through Action

A ‘Thought’ is just a thought. It is not True or False. And it has no power until we choose to give it power.

A thought does not have any meaning or value until we choose to give it meaning and value in our lives.

Doing and action are the quickest ways to change our thoughts.

Yes, thoughts can become our reality. But, when we act on things that are in our best interest, it has been shown that our thoughts will shift to match this.

Consider a time when you or I faced our fear and acted anyways…what happened?

For me, I would learn that

1) there was nothing to fear in the first place, and

2)my action became more powerful than my thought and so my positive action defined me in that moment and not my thought!

How about you?

“While your thoughts can become your reality, it’s only through your actions that your thoughts actually become your life” – Gary John Bishop

Dream to Reality – Steps of the Hustle

Let’s say we want to become a runners. To be more specific, let’s say we want to complete a 5k run.

We have never run before, or at least we have never considered ourselves to be athletic. Our thoughts in our heads are on repeat.

We choose to focus on the thoughts circled in the image above.

We choose to believe only those thoughts.

Now we run 50 yards. It doesn’t matter how long it took, how how slow we ran.

All that matters is in that moment we were running. In that moment, we are runners.

Remember that moment. Then repeat the action, adding another 10 yards. And again, in that moment we ARE running.

Each day. We add 10 yards. Each day we run. Each day through action, we are running.

Our mind cannot deny this fact. We have proven it and made it true through action.

We teach our minds to believe. We implant a new permanent thought and belief system into our minds through action.


We can be runners. We can run. We have been running. We ARE Runners. We ARE competitors in a 5k run.

Final Thoughts

Remember, we are not our thoughts. We are what we do.

Trust that action can come before belief. Action can speak louder and redefine thoughts.

And if we align our actions so that they lead us to face our fear and overcome our self-doubt, then our thoughts will follow suit.

I hope that each of us learns to change our Beliefs. And that we choose to grow those thoughts that bring us eternal peace.

Thanks for Reading


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