My Story

The Dream is Free***Hustle Sold Separately


Who I Am:

I am grateful for my life.

I am grateful for loved ones, for family, and for friends.

I am grateful for those that believe in 2nd chances along with 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths to infinity.

I am grateful for those that forgave me, those that never gave up on me, and those that refuse to leave my side.

You know who you are. And I wish for you to know how much I love you and appreciate you.

Because of you I have hope, faith, and a renewed sense of purpose.


Who I Was:

I will not go into much detail here. I find it most important to live in the present. The mind is a powerful thing and it is important, constructive and healthy to focus on the story of my present life as stated above. However, in order to add meaning and context to what is written above, here is my past in a nutshell:

I was living a life with no purpose and was my own worst enemy.

I gave up on my dreams and aspirations; I lived in fear.

I became a drug addict.

My addiction eventually led to homelessness.

Then came the dance of Recovery and Relapse.

And again…Recovery and Relapse.

And finally, the ultimate betrayal…giving up on life and coming very close to death.


Who I Will Become:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson

I am establishing a new definition for myself of who I am and what I am capable of. I am clarifying a picture of myself. I will learn to:

Believe in myself and I have faith in my abilities.

I will remember that I am capable, hard-working, intelligent, and worthy of others love and compassion.

I will live my life with faith, hope, a sense of purpose, and the commitment to become better person.