One More Year to Live

You and I need to remember that our time on this earth will not last forever.

We need not look to death as a reason to give up but as the reason to Lean In.

The purpose of this post is to acknowledge our time-limited existence and to drive us towards our achievement of Well-Being.

Here is an exercise entitled “One more year to live” that was created by Mia Leijssen and Monica Gundrum. I am finding it helpful in focusing on what really matters in my life. It is reinforcing my resolve to pursue my dreams and get things done. I hope it does the same for you:

Imagine you have just one more year to live. What effect does it have on you?

  • Would you continue living your life exactly as you do now?
  • What would you like to accomplish in your final year?
  • To whom do you still have something to say?
  • What do you still have to do?
  • What would you no longer do that you do currently?

As noted by the creators, Mia Leijssen and Monica Gundrum, make sure you write your answers down to each of these questions. A few final notes from the exercise quoted below as a nudge of encouragement:

“Seek encouragement or support in your efforts to follow your dreams before you die.”

Mia Leijssen & Monica Gundrum

“Don’t allow your good ideas to grow cold; keep them warm by living and being well.”

Mia Leijssen & Monica Gundrum

At some point, you and I will no longer be on this earth. We need to stop looking at this as a sad inevitable story.

Instead, it is a calling. A gift that our time here is not infinite and not to be taken for granted. It is a release. It is the permission we need to live as if each day is our last. 

We need to remember that life is precious. We have a job to do. We have things that need to get done. Life is waiting on us!

My truth and a Ramble if you have time:

I have spent the last year, unsure if I would do this BLOG. Unsure about this website. Unsure about being open about my story.

I have been free of drug use for almost 9 years. But it took standing at deaths door for me to wake and change my life. I won’t expand too much but in 2011 my Dad traveled to LA where he found me in critical care weighing 105 lbs (my healthy weight is about 195 lbs.). A few more days and I wouldn’t be here to write this. When I saw my dad walk in to that room, I thought “Oh God, what have I done”. I realized from the look on his face, that I was breaking my Dad’s heart. Call it what you will, God, Buddha, a Higher Power…a name doesn’t matter, but I felt God say to me that I was not done. That there was more living to do.

But dammit listen to me! This isn’t a story or a message about me or for me. It’s for you. It’s for you and I together. It’s for all of us!

But death, the fact that my time here is limited…it is the gift, the nudge, the urge, the drive, and the permission I need to be authentic, open, and honest every day of my life.

Compared to eternity, compared to the length of history, my time here is just a speck. The length of yours and my life is not what we bring to the story. The only thing to be done with our speck of time is to live out loud, openly, and authentically.

In this way, we increase it’s volume, and let that message lend itself to those around us.

It takes Guts! No lie. But would it help if you were to know that this is the calling for each of us?

For each of us, the message, the invitation, the calling is the same. I do not believe our existence is an accident. We have a purpose. We have a job to do. If only we had the courage…

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, TheDreamHustler

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