The Ice Breaker Post

This BLOG is the result of me facing my fears, and living openly, honestly, and authentically.

I have my anxiety and depression under control.

I have regained my health.

I have recovered from addictive behaviors.

Everyone finds their path through life by different means.

If everyone was helped and found peace in the same way….everyone would read the same books, go to the same therapist, follow the same religion, read the same blogs, like the same shows, listen to the same music, and be moved by the same spiritual leaders and motivational speakers.

But We Aren’t.

Do not read this BLOG for any definitive answers.

Read this BLOG if:

  1. You are curious enough to question everything
  2. You are courageous enough to start exploring the answers
  3. You are spirited enough to not take anything I say at face value
  4. And you are audacious enough to question what I or anyone else claims as truth. Find your own truth, for yourself, in your own way.

This BLOG is me, asking questions, and finding my own answers.

It is my hope that we can do this together.

It will never be perfect but it will always be me.

I hope you take comfort in that. May it give you and me the courage to live openly and without fear.

NOT as products of Perfection.

But as examples of people with enormous amounts of COURAGE and AUDACITY claiming our rights to Progress.

Thank you for reading and welcome to my BLOG.



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