What Success Means to Me

This Post was inspired my volunteer work with the The Beat Within.org

Our discussions and our volunteer work invited us to consider what ‘Success’ meant to us. Here is my response for what Success means to me:

For me, success is not so much a destination or something glistening in the future that is yet to be achieved. I believe success is a state of being. It can be realized and demonstrated in the individual moments and steps of the journey.

It is not something of perfection but instead is best recognized and demonstrated as a commitment to progress. To always grow, expand, and getter better day by day.

If we are always looking to the future. Thinking of success as the proverbial carrot, always just out of reach – then we risk living our lives as a split self. Never fully committing to the moment at hand.

The truth of the matter is that our lives equates to the sum of these moments. If we wish for success to be achieved. If our life is to have been lived to its’ fullest potential. Then we must make sure that 100% percent is given to each individual moment that comprises the net sum of the time we have on this earth.

Not a split self. Not a proverbial carrot. Not something of the future. Simply being present now.

For me, the secret is to focus on maintaining a growth mindset. To assert myself as a person of progress and NOT perfection. To celebrate my humanness and to live openly, honestly, and authentically. My success will be found in my commitment to growth. My determination to get better every day. To love a challenge and realize my strengths. Connect with others. Find meaning and commit to a purpose. Take responsibility for life. And finally, to give back by giving others permission to shine in the moment.

Thanks for Reading.

Sincerely, TheDreamHustler

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