You Are Afraid of Freedom

You are afraid of freedom. You think this statement is absurd.

How can freedom be something to fear?

You think freedom is the very thing you need! You think it is your right! And it was taken from you against your will!

You did not show freedom that you wanted it. With Freedom comes responsibility. To deny one, is to deny the other.

You are afraid to take responsibility. Maybe you are still afraid.

And if you do not face that fear. If you do not face yourself.

You will forever deny responsibility to yourself.

You will forever deny your own freedom.

When will you grant yourself the freedom you seek?

Do not fall victim to the illusion of freedom being granted upon release.

You can physically be free and yet still be a prisoner.

Have you not been a victim of life? Have you not been a victim of your thinking?

You risk forever being a prisoner of your own mind.

You are in chains. And yet you have the key.

What will it take for you to release yourself?

External forces and occurrences come at you from the outside.

You think the meaning and effect of these forces and occurrences is already written.

But you are wrong. These forces are neutral. It is you that gives them meaning and power.

You may not be the creator of these forces. But you decide how it is written.

This is responsibility. This is freedom.

Many link freedom with the image of an Eagle.

You see the eagle breaking the chains of gravity.

You see it soar beyond the grasp of the earth.

And you think this power is of its own making.

Look closely. And reconsider the image that is formed in your mind. What gives the eagle flight?

It is the wind, and the updraft.

This same wind destroys trees, creates thunderous waves, and brings storms beyond reckoning.

But the eagle knows its own strengths. It shapes its wings and writes the story of the winds force, for its own making.

This is how the eagle breaks its chains from gravity.

It takes responsibility for the part it plays with the forces of the wind.

And so, it finds its freedom.

You are not the rabbit on the run. You are the eagle upon the rabbit.

Stop blaming the forces upon you. Stop blaming those that have wronged you. To blame these forces is to blame yourself.

Turn upon those forces, those evils, those wrongs that brought out the worst in you.

Face them and no longer allow them to limit you to a reactionary and angry state.

Re-write these forces for the greater good. Re-write these forces for the good of yourself and pay it forward for the good of others.

Now the forces, the occurrences, and the happenings come at you with immense power.

But now you know the truth. Now you know the part you play in the dance and drama with these forces.

You know who you are.

You are the eagle.

You do not run and hide. You square yourself. You face the forces upon you.

You spread your wings and shape your own story.

You claim responsibility.  You claim your freedom.

And you soar.

Thanks for Reading.

Sincerely, Kurt Petersen aka TheDreamHustler