Achieving Goals – What to Say When You Talk To Yourself

“Give life to your dreams, strength to your visions, and light to your path”

Grant your journey the assurance of a safe arrival

Give Life to Your Dreams, Give Strength to Your Visions, Give Light to Your Path

Set Worthy Goals:

Setting goals, and working at reaching them, is an important piece of becoming a healthy human being.

Worthy goals are essential to true and lasting fulfillment.

Choose the Right Words:

Grant your journey the assurance of a safe arrival.

Give to your goals the gift of your own self-assurance.

Add the words of daily direction and encouragement of self-talk to your goals.

Any well-set goal deserves the benefit of well-said words.

Practice Mindfulness:

Monitor your self-talk by practicing mindfulness – a concept from the practice of meditation.

Mindfulness heightens our awareness and helps us take control of the story we tell ourselves.

Mindfulness is the presence of a calm, alert, and deliberate awareness of the present moment.

-Notes from the Book “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter, PHD.